How to save on finishing and furniture: 10 tips

If you approach the apartment question correctly, you can get an excellent result at a minimal cost. Just use the simple lifhaki that we prepared for you

When it comes time for cosmetic repairs, the budget does not always allow you to translate all your wishes into life. But desperate situations do not exist! We share our ideas:

1. Look at both

In furniture hypermarkets, things are the same as in clothing stores: among the banal things you can unexpectedly meet your dream sofa at a cosmologically low price.

2. Do not be afraid of sales
It is not necessary to cover the entire apartment with bright wallpaper or tiles, unless, of course, you are a fan of the national gypsy style. But when you need to draw an accent wall – safely go to the sale in large stores. There, the remains of expensive wallpaper can be bought at a very tasty price.

3. Choose domestic
Pay attention to the domestic manufacturer. In this segment you can find options that are often not inferior to the Italian brands, but significantly save the budget.

4. Attend exhibitions
Book your favorite products from the furniture exposition at the first, and buy them on the last day. Kitchen set or a good sofa will cost you much cheaper: discounts depending on the brand can reach 85%.

5. Do not Make It Complicated
Avoid radius walls and arches, these design ideas always look spectacular, but most often cost a round sum.

6. Give old things a second chance
During cosmetic repairs, look again at things that have long been wanted to get rid of. If the old doors are dilapidated, but made of solid solid array – it makes sense to just update them. If a good parquet was put in the room many years ago, it will be cheaper and more rational to restore it than to buy a new one.

7. Appreciate simple solutions
The simpler – the better: for example, open kitchen shelves instead of the usual closed cabinets will look unusual, and at the same time save money.

8. Think Logistics
When you order materials on the Internet, think about the costs of delivery. If you have the opportunity to order a part of the goods in one hypermarket – it is better to do so. Otherwise, just find out exactly how in particular stores the delivery system works by writing this article into your estimate.

9. Discard the parquet
If the budget does not allow you to choose expensive parquet, pay attention to the planking board, which can be found in the construction hypermarkets. This is environmentally friendly, lightweight material, which also costs several times cheaper than the most affordable parquet.

10. Put on industrial

Adhering to the industrial style in your project, you can not plaster and coat the walls, but only primed and painted them – this will significantly reduce costs. You can make the inaccuracy of the highlight of your apartment: do not level part of the walls, use pipes for pipes and open wiring, experiment with the ceiling – leave it concrete or cover with an inexpensive lining.


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