How does the whole family get on in one room?

A big family is not only a great happiness, but also a constant change. Someone is growing up, someone is coming and going, and somebody is unexpectedly arranging a mini-revolution. All this is somehow connected with the changes in your interior, but what if your entire family is forced to live in one room?
In our today’s article, we will try to figure out how to make living convenient for all generations, especially if they have opposite views on things. In this we will help a psychiatrist-narcologist, a member of the European Association of Psychotherapists, writer Rusana Gordienko.
“It is very important for each person to have a personal space – a place where he can rest, be alone with himself. If this can not be done in space, then you can play with time: there are times when other family members work outside the house or walk. Do not ignore this state of self and without fear to voice your needs: in families where love and understanding reign, there is always the acceptance of the needs of others. ”

This word should be repeated as a mantra, even if your family consists of only two people. “Zoning, zoning, zoning,” – humming to yourself, choosing a place for a bed, cupboard or table. Even if your family is distinguished by tremendous cohesion, separate at least the zones for work and sleep – you will be surprised how even your mood will change in them. The best option, in our opinion, is the delineation with the help of a podium or color accents – so you will save a maximum of space.

In the case of young children, you can also use bright screens or curtains as partitions, since they can simultaneously carry an additional functional load: for example, the screen easily turns into a training board, and the curtains into a mini cabinet with hooks.

Nooks and corners
They are really very important, especially if your family has both introverts and extroverts. The first secluded space is simply necessary – without it they can not fully rest. This is especially important for kids and teenagers, who find it difficult to get along with each other. “If there are small children in the family, then of course zoning and good relations between parents will help. The unity of the family is important here. Clear boundaries – a guarantee of healthy psyche of children and the nervous system of the mother. ” For a small child, an interesting solution would be to organize a “room in the room” – a similar technique used in the noble houses of the XIX century. Of course, we will have to tinker a bit, but the result is worth it.

For teens, open space under the ceiling is best; However, this option will be appropriate only at high ceilings. You can place a bed, a workplace or just a rest area on the upper deck – in any case it will be difficult to get there, so the teenager will feel safe there.

All items in your room should be multifunctional and do not take up much space. Give up bulky cabinets in favor of drawers, and if you can not imagine your life without a closet, at least make it simultaneously a partition.

Think in the spirit of “pants are turning …”: for example, why buy a regular sofa, if the modular version can be at different times and a sofa, and a puff, and even a locomotive for the children’s company? The table is better to buy a folding, especially if the guests behind it are going to rarely. Look also at the bright furniture made of lightweight plastic: a room for several generations will almost certainly be executed in a slightly eclectic style, which means that original and practical elements are quite appropriate there.

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