How to squeeze the maximum out of the small size: 20 budget storage ideas

Perforated wall panel, multifunctional hanger, hooks on magnets – we tell about unobvious ways to organize “smart” storage system in small size
Even in the smallest apartment, you can think about home storage to free up more space for life. We tell what can be hidden under the bed, how to use the corner space of the room and how to replace the cabinet in the bathroom. All the proposed ideas are not only useful, but also very budgetary.

Idea 1: Suspended
The functionality of a small bathroom can easily be expanded by organizing a compact storage system on the door of the room. To do this, simply attach to it shelves or pockets: they are perfect for storing detergents.

Idea 2: successfully caught
A similar trick can be done with a kitchen set. The pair of hooks on the inner door of the cabinet will be enough to hang on them the covers from the frying pans and pans or even the trash can.

Idea 3: on the hook
In a small bathroom on the account every centimeter. To save space, hang a loofah, shower cap and other hygiene products on the shower crossbar.

Idea 4: maximum benefit
A shower rail can also be used as a towel rack. This is very convenient, because the towels will always be on hand, and even in the unfolded state they will dry faster.

Idea 5: Right Angle
The corner space of the room can become a functional place for storing books, magazines and other small things. Organize it is not difficult – just attach small shelves.

Idea 6: A place under the sun
Find a suitable place for a large collection of books in a small package is not so simple. The problem is solved by the shelf attached to the ceiling itself: it is also suitable for storing shoes or sets of bed linen.

Idea 7: everyone is in sight
One headset is clearly not enough for compact storage of kitchen utensils. It is much easier to store cooking utensils in a suspended state – perforated wall panel will help you.

Idea 8: Survey Shelf
Use the kitchen space to the maximum: different modules, racks and racks will help to use even the narrowest and most inconvenient places. For example, the space between the wall and the refrigerator can be adapted to store spices.

Idea 9: The power of attraction
Compact shelves can be attached directly to the refrigerator: for this use magnets and superglue. Thus, you will free up space in the kitchen sets, and useful trivia will always be at hand.

Idea 10: smart approach
Dryer-crossbar – an absolute must-have for a small kitchen. With its help, you do not have to allocate a special place for drying utensils: it can be organized directly in the sink.

Idea 11: A Practical Example
Not enough room for dishes? Increase the functionality of kitchen sets by attaching additional hooks to the shelves for storing coffee cups. This idea is sure to please the owners of several services.

Idea 12: Take the height
The same principle is also applicable for the storage of hygiene products: small jars with different trifles can be hung to the shelves of the bathroom cabinet. It’s quite simple to do it – magnets or double-sided scotch will do.

Idea 13: strictly vertical
Clothes that do not need to be hung on the hanger, roll into tubes and put them in a drawer vertically. You will be surprised, but the space in the chest becomes much larger.

Idea 14: for each other
To save space in the wardrobe, attach the clothes hangers to each other with a chain. Thus in the closet will fit even the most impressive collection of dresses.

Idea 15: along the wall
Boxes with shoes occupy an unjustifiably large amount of space. Where it is more convenient to store shoes on hooks, which can be attached to the inner wall of the cabinet or directly to the wall of the room.

Idea 16: space saving
At the top of the kitchen set what you use least often. This can be a basket with alcohol or dishes for cooking festive dishes.

Idea 17: at the very bottom
Do not forget to use the lower parts of the cabinets – in boxes or baskets directly under the headset it is convenient to store cereals and grains, and also other small things for baking.

Idea 18: in the style of the shebbie-chic
And in order not to go to the far corners of the kitchen behind rolls of foil or food film, hang them directly on the wall – with the help of an old hanger.

Idea 19: two in one
A box for shoes or children’s toys can be an excellent alternative to a coffee table. And it will help you save twice – room space and budget.

Idea 20: out of sight
Not every bedroom will have a cupboard or chest of drawers. But under each bed you can find a place for a compact drawer. It can store anything: starting with shoes and ending with magazines.

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